Artificial Urinary Sphincter Surgery

Category C - full version without watermark 1024x576 (check terms and conditions at The embed version with watermark is free of charge. "Urinary incontinence" is the clinical term for the inability to control urine flow from the body. This can happen if the male urinary sphincter, which is below the prostate and surrounds the urethra, is no longer capable of closing the urethra. In a minimally invasive intervention which lasts about one hour, a 30 cm long mesh-like, synthetic surgical tape is inserted. This so called transobturator sling runs along the spongy body behind the urethra. The tape pulls the urinary sphincter back to its natural position and hence restores normal anatomy of the male urinary tract. It supports this important bodily function and causes no significant damage. It helps the sphincter muscle to contract the urethra but otherwise does not interfere with it.