artificial sphincter implant and function

Category C - full version without watermark 1024x576 (check terms and conditions at The embed version with watermark is free of charge.Through two small incisions an artificial sphincter can be implanted and incontinency be efficiently treated. Once the urethra is laid open, a cuff is put around its posterior part. The cuff is similar to that from a blood pressure meter but much smaller and filled with fluid. A silica balloon serving as a reservoir is implanted into the abdomen and a pump into the scrotum. Pump, reservoir and cuff are interconnected through tubes. When the pump is switched on, the fluid from the cuff will be pumped into the balloon. The pressure on the urethra diminishes and the urine can flow from the bladder. Once the bladder is completely emptied, the cuff fills automatically and compresses the urethra again.