alkohol effect on body

Category B - full version without watermark 720x576 (check terms and conditions at The embed version with watermark is free of charge. Description: Alcohol can cause permanent brain damage. Every time you are intoxicated, brain cells are irreversibly destroyed. The alcohol travels with the blood stream to the brain. It passes the blood-brain --barrier and influences the transmission of information between the neurons. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is the substance which is known and drunk as alcohol. Through enzymatic cleavage it is converted to the so called acetic aldehyde. This substance is highly toxic and responsible for damages to the liver and most likely also for genetic defects. The blood circulation takes alcohol to all parts of the body and it can have negative impact on metabolic processes. Diabetes or gout attacks may be triggered by alcohol for instance. After several rounds through the whole circulation and the liver -- depending on the amount of alcohol intake -- it will be finally degraded within the liver. It has to be emphasized that alcohol has an impact on all organs and body regions and is responsible for structural damages. This holds true also for relatively small quantities.